Our Company

BS&S Technology Consulting & Research Group is equipped with the requisite expertise and wide-range experience to undertake projects with single source responsibility..

  • Design & Devlopment

    Researching over the market needs, We focus on the design and development to make our ideas achievable and turn it into reality.

  • Digital Marketing

    We focus on better quality of content in relevant keywords for spreading the services widely through the means of digital media like social media, email, etc.

  • Photoshop

    Wanting our pages to be infographic, along with Development we focus on designing of web pages with atrractive as well as informative images.

Our Services

With our various Operating divisions we provide a wide range of services and with the advancement of new technologies we help you improve your experience with us.

Investor Relations

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We help maintain a good relation with different sectors which the business dealing with. Being one of the most important aspect of the organization, We focus on Finance, Communication, Marketing and Rules & Regulations in order to achieve optimized results which would be highly beneficial for the organization as well as the Investors.

We ensure an effective two-way communication with the investors and the company. We help the organization maintain its reliability, credibility and loyality. Keeping the lines of communication and information open we help increase the efficiency of the organization.

Who We Are

The Operating Division(OD) includes:

  • Education Consulting/Training & Research - APPIN Technology Lab, Bhubaneswar
  • Software & Web Technology - KIICSS
  • E-Commerce - Odishahypermart
  • Engineering & Design Consulting - Talk Engineering India
  • Renewable Energy Consulting - Renewable Energy
  • 100+ Happy Customers

    Understanding & caring for customer's need, we do our best in order to provide services and reach client satisfaction.

Our Industries

Having various industries under our operating divisions, we focus on providing dedicated services and taking care of specific needs of clients.

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Energy & Utilities

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Engineering & Technology

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Research & Development

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Travel &

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E Commerce


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